We won!

Meagan follows a blog titled "Tails of a Carnivorous Convict: Life as a Prison Puppy". (click to see the blog!)
The blogger's name is Heather. Heather is a puppy raiser for the Prison Pup Program for NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) Heather takes her puppy to work with inmates at a prison during the week. Then on the weekends, Heather gets the pup back.

Heather used to work with a black lab puppy named Ellie, and she is now on a beautiful golden retriever named Kelly.

Well, Heather decided not to tell the "followers" of her blog what Kelly's name was. They had to find it in previous blog posts. If they found and guessed her name correctly, they emailed Heather their guess and would then be entered in a contest! So Meagan and I searched through Heathers blogs and found the name "Kelly".

And we were right! Six people guessed Kelly's name and Heather put all the names in Kelly's dog bowl. Kelly chose a piece of paper and it had our name on it!! So today we received our prize in the mail...

Thank you Heather and Kelly!!

 Meagan and Ellie May

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  1. Good to see the package made it to you safely. :)

    Hope Ellie enjoys her new toy!


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