How I got my name...

Today was a very special day. I got to meet my sponsors! I got to meet the people who named me! I really like my name. Meagan says it's perfect for a sweet, affectionate, loving, adorable, sassy, lady...and that's me!
We met my sponsors at a park for a picnic lunch. My sponsors are super nice! They brought their dog, Freeport, with them...Freeport is a rescued Golden Retriever. I love Freeport.
After lunch, we went on a walk! I wanted to walk right beside Freeport!

I gave Freeport a gift. It was a rubber heart and rope. We played tug-of-war for a few minutes....

My sponsors also got me and Sadie toys and yummy treats!

I had such a fun day! I was so tired on the way home and took a very long nap in Meagan's room. I hope I can see my sponsors again someday. They are very nice and my puppy raisers loved talking with them. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. LeVines for a super fun day at the park, and my beautiful name!!!
"Ellie May"


A Very Happy Unbirthday

A few years back (before their puppy raising days) Meagan's family
used to be a part of a homeschool group in Riverview, FL.
The homeschool group (South Hillsborough County Homeschool) was celebrating a birthday party for all the kids. But instead of bringing gift for each other they brought gifts for Southeastern Guide Dogs! So their gift table was covered in garbage bags, milk bones, bleach, cleaning products, dog toys, shampoo, blankets, brushes, dog food, etc.

Meagan and I made bookmarks as presents for the kids...

When we first walked in, we were greeted by the lady who set the party up. Her name was Mrs. Laura. She was very nice. She asked Meagan if she would like to speak and answer the kids questions and Meagan said "Absolutely!"

So Mrs. Laura got all the kids seated around a chair. Once they were settled, Meagan and I were introduced as the special guest and I found the chair. Meagan started talking about me and how she became a puppy raiser. She talked for a good 10 minutes and then she asked if the kids had any questions. Boy there was a lot the kids wanted to know!! I was very good and quiet the whole time. Once during the talking, I was ALMOST asleep and Meagan said "Ellie, do you wanna eat?" I wasn't expecting that and popped right up and got really excited!
All the kids started laughing.During the kids question time, a few kids at a time got to come and pet me.
They all loved me and I loved them!

After the talking and petting was over, the kids played three games. The last one was very noisy...they were barking like dogs....they sure are wanna be's :)
After game time, they sang happy unbirthday to me!

Then the kids (and adults) had cake and ice cream!! I got to have the tiniest little bit of vanilla ice cream too....the kids thought it was funny when I ate it...I don't know why though.

Before my release...

It didn't take me long to hork that one down :)

They had some pretty cool decorations too! It was neat to see all the
trouble they went through for such a cool event.

I found out that the homeschool group is going to hug puppies and deliver
their birthday gifts on Monday. The kids are very excited about going!
I told them to see how Eve, "my big sisser", is doing.



Happy Birthday Ellie! (by Meagan)

Ellie 12PD10 turns 5 months today!

Five things about my sweet Ellie:

1. She has the funniest way of running. Since she's is in the "tween" stage, her legs can't seem to keep up with her head! So as you can imagine, legs, tail and head are flailing everywhere as she tries to keep up with Sadie.

2. She is the biggest cuddle bug! I have raised four SEGDI dogs and none of them have been as cuddly as Ellie! If your on the floor, she's on your lap....or trying to be :)

3. She is perfect at sitting. Ever since I picked her up from SEGDI, she has always sat wonderfully! In order for people to pet her, she has to sit nicely. She does just that, then slowly sinks to the ground for belly rubs :)

4. Ellie has such a soft coat! If I asked for a dollar every time someone said "Oh she's so soft" I could buy a brand new car :) Ellie feels like cotton, especially around her ears.

5. She is amazing with kids. If there is a kid around, she will watch it until she can't see it anymore. I think she prefers my kid sister over me :) Ellie is so gentle with toddlers. I am always awed by a little tiny kid petting and hanging on a huge dog. I know after having kids hang on me, I tell them to go find something else to hang on :) Dogs just seems to love it.

Well, we are off for some shopping and a home school meeting. Hopefully Ellie and I are going to be able to speak about guide dog puppies! This should be fun!

Meagan and Ellie


A doggy day...

Yesterday Meagan and I met our Area Coordinator for a small dog fest that was in Sun City Center.

The residences brought their dogs out to be part of a Dog Show. Most of them were dressed up in Tutu's, hats, dresses and one was even dressed as an airplane! I'm glad I'm too big for those costumes!

I love to watch people walk by and of course love it even more when they stop to pet me!

This was our table at the "Dog Fest". You can see me on the left, Jenny is in the middle and if you look hard, you can see Sassy a chocolate lab. She wanted to stay in the shade. Smart dog.

I had a fun day and after the fest we had to go to Walmart. I'm glad Meagan put me in the buggy. I don't think I could have made is through the store I was so tired!

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Kelly for a fun day!


A much needed update....

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while....I have so much to share! The picture below is of me and Meagan. This was taken on a friends dock....I like to watch the boats go by.My puppy group had a meeting at Southeastern Guide Dogs one Saturday.
This is me on part of the freedom walk. Every guide dog walks the freedom trail.

Meagan and her mom went to Joanne Fabrics...they were having a sale on dog accessories for summer...needless to say I just had to try something on...
Meagan and I have been going on a lot of walks. I get so excited when Meagan gets my leash out!!

I have lost almost ALL of my baby teeth! Meagan made me spit some out so she can put them in my scrapbook...I'd much rather swallow them but Meagan said she will NOT dig them out of 'you know what'. :)
I lost one of my canines today...you can see the other one was already coming through...

Ok Meagan....I can walk you know...

The Boyles have planted a really nice garden this year. In this part they have, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, onions, chives, beets (Meagan's favorite!), cauliflower, 3 different kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, and beans. The Marigolds around the edges are to keep some bugs and the neighborhood cats out. I love flowers and have been known to snitch some!

This is some more broccoli behind me...they are doing a little better then the broccoli in the raised bed...
This is some of the Boyles hydroponics. They have more tomatoes (some in the air, some in pots), lettuce, crookneck squash, zucchini, radishes, chives, pepper, flowers and some watermelon in those clear pots on the wagon...they even have a tower of strawberries!

I love chillin' in the yard...one of my most favorite things to do...especially when the sun is out!


Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone! I was going to get some Easter pictures, but that didn't happen....it's really busy around the Boyle house! So Meagan and Kaitlyn (Meagan's sister) took me out front and made me wear this head piece for some pictures. (All I know is, I wanted that ice cube Kaitlyn was holding!! Meagan and I are still working on my sit-stay :)