My weekend...

Thursday evening, my friend Cody Lingertot came to stay with us for a few days. He's an old man, but he loves to chew on toys... like me! So we have something in common, other then us being Goldens of course!
Meagan didn't get any good pictures of us together... Cody sleeps all the time, and I wanted to play! Cody was a good boy the whole time he was with me. He missed his mom, but had fun with Collin and Kaitlyn!

I got to go to my first Soccer game on Saturday! It was a lot of fun. I stayed with Meagan's mom and sister, Kaitlyn, because Meagan ref's the 5and 6 year old games.
(Meagan says ignore the geek in the yellow shirt :)

Collin's team is called "Storm". Collin is number 12. Collin made the first goal of the season! He was very excited!
Collin is the player on the far left

Collin takes the kick!
*Run, Ref Rumsey, RUN.... keep up with those little kids!!*

Collin's team won 8-2. Everyone played really well. I'm looking forward to more games and cooler weather!

Meagan had to drop some paper work off at SEGDI on our way to her massage appointment. Meagan couldn't pass up an opportunity to get some pictures in front of SEGDI's stone!

Well, I'm all caught up :)
 Love, Ellie May


Happy 10 months Ellie :)

My sweet Ellie May turned 10 months today! This is an exciting time but also a not so happy day for Ellie...

Something SEGDI encourages puppy raisers to do, is let the public pet the pups from the very beginning of their training, to ten months (sometimes younger) of age. Then all the pups are used to different people with new smells, maybe wearing sunglasses, boots, have dark or light skin, weird shaped purses... and, of course those super excited, squealing kids! :)
As soon as they hit tens months old, they are considered "working" in their coat, so they must not be pet, talked or whistled to (sometimes I've had the gut feeling that those jerk-face guys aren't whistling at Ellie...but let's not go there...). That's when I get those sad "puppy" eyes from toddlers and a "Well your touching her" from adults (yes, even adults contradict me! :o)
The dogs also have to learn that it's not play time, it's work time. It's amazing how quickly they pick up on that rule!   
But I do sometimes take off her coat in order for her to "play". Some people act like it's Christmas or something, they get so excited about me taking her coat off so they can pet!

In a few circumstances, I have come across a child in a wheelchair, someone with a major disability, maybe someone with a serious case of Autism. When they can't really understand her "working" they will pet and play with her... so I take her coat off as soon as I get a chance. To see someones face light up at the sight of a dog is truly amazing.

So, without further ado, here's 10 things about Ellie...

1. Ellie is the first dog who is NOT my personal alarm clock. Molly, Clarke and Eve would all stand with their head on my bed and sniff *excessively* loud. As soon as my eyes opened, there was no way I could go back to sleep without letting them busy, much less having their breakfast.
Ellie on the other hand, would sleep all day. Haha, she's a momma's girl!

2. Ellie can now (without jumping up mind you!) see what is on the dinner table. Easy as pie. We have to keep our eye on her when we're setting the table... just in case she tries anything :)

3. Ellie is the most observant of all the dogs I have raised. She noticed ants before lizards (which, overnight, has become into a "find-a-lizard-as-fast-as-I-can-before-I-explode-needing-to-go-pee" game... yes, we are working on that... fun stuff) just goes to show she has some pretty sharp eye sight :)


4.Ellie has a "buddy" whose name is Cody. Cody is a 10 year old Golden Retriever. Cody used to be 130 pounds. Because of old age and thanks to a much needed diet, Cody is down to 90 pounds. But he's still a big boy! The reason, I'm telling you this, is because Ellie (70 pound Ellie) stands taller then Cody! So if Cody is a big boy... Ellie is a HUGE girl! :)

5. Ellie is a leaner. Mostly to my dad. She knows that if she leans on me, I'll move over and she'll have to hold her furry self up :) In the heat of summer, a furry doggy does not need to share it's fur.

6. Ellie is a people watcher. Sure, she watches dogs too, but it's people she just LOVES. Her favorite "fun walk" (no coat) outing is the park. She loves to just sit or lay down and watch people. I cannot wait until the cooler weather comes... Alderman Ford and Lettuce Lake are our favorite parks!

7. Ellie is so good with babies!! We watch a 10 month old baby a few times a week and Ellie and Evan LOVE each other! Every morning when Evan arrives, Ellie has to come and say hello and Evan squeals, kicks his feet and claps his hands.
Evan can pull Ellie's ears, pull hair out of her tail. Evan will play with Ellie's toes and Ellie just lays there. Evan has just started pulling up (a few days into mastering the pull-up skill, he's already letting go and trying to balance!) and he has tried to pull up on Ellie.... but with no success :)

8. Ellie doesn't know what to think about the small, toy breed of dogs. She acts almost lost whenever we meet one. Maybe she thinks they're chew toys? :)

9. Ellie sleeps with her tongue sticking out. But to my amazement, she HARDLY ever snores!

10. Ellie and Sadie are good buddies. I've been letting them run in the pool yard (it's more fun to run around something when playing chase!) and Sadie (being the more agile and petite of the two) is a little faster then clumsy, long-legged, floppy eared Ellie :) Sadie will get a good, two or three paces ahead of Ellie and Ellie, not being able to catch up, will whine like her hearts breaking! They'll go around and around the pool until Sadie starts getting tired and Ellie will catch up and grab Sadie's tail. I still need to get it on video.

    Well, were off for some cuddle time... :)

                  Meagan and Ellie May


The TRUE Ellie...

(Really I saw these at Joanne Fabrics and couldn't resist!! :)

       Meagan and Ellie


Ellie loves puppy sitters

Meagan had to babysit some friends this weekend and I had a puppy meeting to go to on Saturday (9/11). So Meagan asked Bob and Sue if they would mind watching me from Thursday evening, take me to our puppy meeting on Saturday and then Meagan would pick me upon Sunday. Bob and Sue excitedly said yes!

  I had so much fun. Bob and Sue kept me busy.
^My favorite bone at their house... chicken flavored!^
^Watching Sue mow... Bob hurt his foot, so Sue was mowing :)^
^Posing pretty^
^At Wal-Mart^
^Getting some good stuff... I didn't get any though :)^
^On our way to Southeastern Guide Dogs Discovery Center!^

^KIDS!!! My favorite!!!! Everyone said "Ellie is so soft":) ^
^And MORE kids!!!^
^Meagan likes my look of adoration towards Sue :)^
^Hmm.....baby smells good? :)^
^Belly rubs...can't go wrong!^

Meagan called Saturday evening saying that she would like to pick me up on Sunday afternoon. 
I had so much fun with Bob and Sue, I didn't want to leave! Bob and Sue didn't want me to 
leave either, so I easily talked Bob and Sue into taking this picture...
And sending this email...
"Sorry, to be the one to break the bad news...but Ellie has run 
away from home. 
When she heard she had to go back tomorrow afternoon...it was
all she could take. I guess she got a taste of the good life today
in Sarasota and decided to make a run for it.
She was last seen wearing a Ben & Jerry's T-shirt and

dark glasses. We've notified the authorities and are heading for 
the bus station and the airport to look for her. One of the 
neighbors said that she thought Ellie mentioned going to 
Labrador...where they treat dogs like royalty or to the Golden 
State of California (which was named in honor of Golden Retrievers).
We'll keep you posted as the search continues.......
Bob and Sue"

Meagan didn't believe us! (BUMMER!) She accused them 

as wanna-be dog nappers!!

So we went with the dognappers idea....and sent this email....


"We just received a phone call from the dognappers. They said 
that they are willing to bring Ellie back since she is such a sweet 
dog but only if you promise to give her a Frosty Paws every 
other day for the next two weeks, buy her a new Kong Wubba,
and a chicken flavored Nylabone.
Bob and Sue"

Meagan came and got me on Sunday afternoon, just as she said :) 

I was so happy to see her! Meagan's dad got a video, and I wish
I could show you...but Meagan's computer won't let me put it on 
my blog!! UGG!

Meagan got a picture with Bob, Sue and me. I really miss them 

now. I went home and took a very long, very hard nap! After 
all the shopping, going out to dinner, puppy meetings, kids, 
walking 2 miles every morning with Sue, I was ready for a good 
long nap!

Thank you Bob and Sue for taking such good care of me!
I had so much fun! See you at our next meeting!

                Ellie May

Ellie: 9/11

Hi! I was being puppy-sat this weekend, so I didn't get to post on 9/11.

Meagan told me 9/11 was a terrible day. Many people died, many peoples hearts were broken by not seeing their "special someone" come home from work that dreadful day. Many people we scared, frightened, lost. Adrenaline rushes, pounding hearts, tears flowing, fire blasting, screams and shouts, metal falling... it happened, and America will never forget.

Here is my contribution to my amazing role models, working dogs...

Click HERE to see an amazing video about the search and rescue dogs who searched day and night at Ground Zero for any survivors. Oh yeah, get some tissues handy... (Meagan bawled cried. Thanks for sharing Erin and Puppy-In-Training, Pompei!)

Also, click HERE to see a really informative article about the same dogs/people.

 From both of us: Remember to thank those people who risk their lives for yours.
                  Meagan and Ellie