My sisser's Report Cards....

Meagan received an email with my sisser's progress reports! Eve is doing very well and should be matched soon!
Meagan is very proud of her baby, and I am proud of my sisser!

Here is Eve's report card for May...
And here is Eve's July report...

Ellie May


Mango Festival

Today, the Boyle's and I went to a Mango Festival. It was really hot outside.

The Boyle's got to taste 27 different kinds of Mango and decide which one was their favorite. They used to have a Valencia Mango tree and got 2 mangos one year, then with all the cold weather and frost we had this past winter, the tree died. So the Boyle's are happily looking for another Mango tree.
I thought all the flowers looked so pretty.....and tasty...

Look at all the mangoes!!!

Ellie May


First Aid and CPR class

At our last puppy meeting, the Area Coordinator taught everyone how to do CPR on a dog as well as first aid and healthy habits. Meagan has already taken the class with Eve, her black puppy, but this was my first time! It was fun!

We learned all about different blood types dogs have (did you know canines have 8 major blood types?!), we learned where 5 different pressure points on a dog are to stop serious bleeding, we learned how to clean ears and teeth properly, we learned how to do the Heimlich and CPR on dogs, we learned what things dogs CANNOT eat and what to do about it if they do, we also learned that when dogs over-heat you can give them Propel Water, Gatorade, Pedialyte and Vitamin water.

It was a very informative class.

I was very well behaved and listened quietly.

This was Meagan brushing my teeth with special poultry flavored toothpaste....about 3 seconds after this picture was taken, I accidentally sneezed and all that yummy chicken toothpaste went right into Meagan's mouth!!

Everyone was being very quiet, and serious, except puppy Kelton...he was rolling around :)

Miss Isolde (Is-Old-Ah) came to greet me under the table...

Then she got silly :)

That was a fun day. Today after Meagan comes home from gym, she and I have a puppy obedience class with all the dogs in our group. It's going to be fun!!

Ellie May


This weekend....

I went to the flea market. It was really cool. There were lots of new smells and sounds. Meagan said I did very well in the crowd of people.

Meagan wants to do another photoshoot of me in the yard.... she says I'm getting to big, too fast!
So we'll post more pictures soon!

Love, Ellie May



The not so happy fifth of July.....

My fourth of July went great! It rained almost all day long. Sadie and I REALLY needed a bath....so needless to say, rain, soap and stinky dogs makes a good mix!

^me before my bath (notice the muddy paws)^

Since it was a nice downpour, Meagan and Collin would set bowls and containers in places where the rain was running hard off the roof. Then once they were full, they would dump the water on me and Sadie.

^Sadie and I trying to hide^

^the first bout of icy cold rainwater^

^Collin letting me have a drink^

^Oh, it was so cold!^

^gettin' scrubbed up^

^Sadie trying to hide^

^But not for long!^

^I wasn't very happy, but Meagan was...we saved water!^

That evening, Meagan and her family went to a friends house for dinner. I was going to go, but Meagan thought I might be more comfortable in my "bedroom" (crate) with music on....I had a big day after all. Plus, once the rain stopped, the Boyle's wanted to do fireworks. Fireworks are not good for dog's ears. They hurt with all the loud cracks and booms.

I would occasionally hear a big boom, but it didn't faze me any.

The next day (July 5th) the Boyles slept in. Then they moseyed out of bed, and ate a late breakfast. They pretty much did nothing that day.....and I mean nothing.
I, on the other hand stayed quite busy with all my toys and bones.

Then it started raining....again. It has been raining cats and dogs!

So, Collin and Kaitlyn went outside to play in the rain. Meagan and I were in Meagan's room watching a movie. All the sudden, we heard Kaitlyn crying....and a serious cry, not a pretend cry.

Meagan rushes out to see what happened, and Kaitlyn had dropped a bowl on her foot....remember this bowl?Kaitlyn was emptying water out of the pool, her hands slipped off the bowl and the sharp edge sliced the base of her big toe open. Thankfully, the Boyles have a very good friend who is also their family doctor (and also lives right around the corner!). He was able to come over and look at the cut. After talking with Kaitlyn and Meagan's mom and dad, they decided it needed stiches. Kaitlyn was very brave and has two little stiches in her foot. She has been put on bedrest for 7-10 days and will get the stitches out after her bedrest period.

^cute little red toes^

I have been laying by Kaitlyn's side for a while now. Every now and then I'll go do something, but then I'll come back and make sure Kaitlyn is okay.

Well that was my exciting weekend! How was yours?

Ellie May


Happy Independence Day!!!

I wanted to share with you my Fourth of July pictures....
all of my wonderful sponsors got a picture and a letter from me via email :)

Meagan put bows in my hair, a bandanna around my neck,
and stuck an American flag in the ground beside me.


Ellie May