My first time at the beach!!

I went to the dog beach for the first time today! I had so much fun. It was a beautiful day....nice and breezy. The water was really hot...Meagan and her dad think about 100 degrees...so I didn't stay in very long...

^My first time sniffing the beach!!^  
^I didn't really like the waves^
^My "let's play" stance^
^Getting used to it...the water was really hot^
^Whoa, wave was too big^
^good girl Ellie!^
^Wild thing!^
^I saw a very strange bird^
^ I finally got to swim....we went to an inlet area where the waves weren't as big^

^Rolling in the stinky sand^
^Playing ball.....trying to get me to relax a little^
^On the car ride home...^
^After my bath^       
I had a super fun day. I want to go back to the beach.....but maybe when the water is a little cooler.

                           Ellie May

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  1. Makes me want to bring Kelly to the beach....but it's a pretty far drive so we haven't done it yet.


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