A much needed update...

First- Ellie graduated her puppy obedience class. YAY!!! Thanks to *Mr. Bob* we have pictures to prove it! :)

Thanks Bob and Sue!!!

^Ellie playing with Big Joe^

^"Forward, Hup Hup"^

^Ellie and pretty Isolde^

 ^Ellie's perfect sit after going down the steps^

^Our graduate ;-) Ellie even got a diploma, but it got sat on by Ellie and is now crumpled beyond recognition ;-)^

^My pretty girlie^

 ^Talking with the Booses^ 
^Our group... (L-R) Jeannie, Echo, Jock, Isolde, Flora, Kelton, Gato, Barkley, Joey, Ellie and Popi^

^Echo, Kelton, Joey and Ellie^

Ellie went to the vet today. She weighs 67.8 pounds, and has a nice ear infection. I knew that with her having big, heavy and floppy ears, we'd have to keep a close eye on them and keep them clean. But with all the humidity and rain we've had, it's pretty much impossible to keep them dry. Time to bust out the plain vanilla yogurt. Yum yum! Hooray for ear solution and Otomax.
Ellie also got a cortisone shot to help her itchy paws (yes, that issue is back) and itchy tail.  Poor baby. Good thing she LOVES going to the vet!

              Meagan and Ellie


  1. Congrats Ellie, love the pictures!
    Hope your ear infection clears up real soon :)

  2. Poor Ellie! Ear infections are NO fun!!! Ely use to get ear infections all of the time, till Sherman came along and started to clean his ears for him. Ely has not had an ear infection since! Maybe you just need to go hunt down Sherman ;) Being itchy is not any fun either. Joe and Ely send lots of get better kisses to Ellie! Congratulations on graduating obedience class! Joe only has 2 more classes before he graduates. They grow up so fast! Was the collie puppy born in May? If so I know it’s mom. Joe says that Ellie would make a great play friend!


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