Tired Pups and Torn up Ducks

I am happy to say Ellie May "Clampett" (as the volunteers at SEGDI like to call her) is back home safe, sound and completely worn out!

Friday I went to work with my dad so we could pick Ellie up that afternoon. She was very happy to see me!
(I am still trying to figure out how to post videos {if anyone can help, that would be awesome!!} because my computer won't load them through Blogger...)

Click on ---THIS--- to see a video of her first sight of us!

Click on ---THIS--- to see her come out of the kennel... with full speed!

We were SO happy to see out sweet Ell Bell again! She was excited to see her toys! 

As you can see, we all missed Ellie VERY much... it was way too quiet without her here. But our joy of her being home, was almost nothing compared to how many people at soccer were happy to see Ellie was back at soccer!
Ellie loved all the attention everyone was giving her! But eventually she was done and ready to go home :)
On a different note, right as the ref blew the "game over" whistle, the soccer ball was kicked right up into Collin's glasses wearing face. He was a little stunned but still smiling (he had just made an awesomely played goal). When he reached up to fix his crooked glasses, the arm broke off rendering the glasses non-fixable. So come this week, he will be getting a new pair :)

Well, Ellie and I are headed to bed. We had a looong day and are planning on going shopping tomorrow!
     a very happy Meagan and Ellie May


I did it!

I went through what I consider "a right-of-passage" today.... getting my wisdom teeth pulled!

Everything went fine, I was in and out of the Dentist in 30 minutes. At Collin's and Kaitlyn's request I asked the surgeon if I could have my teeth. His reply was "You grew 'em, so I don't see why not". So they are in a little container. I opted NOT to post a picture... but only because I don't really feel like sitting up.
It's nice actually, I'm constantly waited on hand and foot! :)

So since Ellie's been gone, Evan (Ellie's favorite baby buddy) has really missed her. Since he and I are in the same boat, we've been thoroughly entertaining each other :)

Evan thought this was so funny... and so did everyone else!!

We try really hard to keep the dog toys away from Evan. But sometimes he'll find one sticking out from under the couch. This is a "sneak peek" of what was in the huge box Ellie's sponsors sent us...   

Evan approves.

Oooh, I miss this little girl. Although coming home today, feeling the way I was (groggy, loopy, dizzy and whatnot) I didn't need Ell-Bell trying to climb all over me :)



It's pretty boring without Ellie around.

There isn't a puppy needing to go outside to busy.

No puppy to climb into your lap when you sit on the floor.

No dog to yell "STOP" to when she is INCESSANTLY LICKING YOU!

No "super-excited-to-see-your-home-from-gym-no-matter-how-stinky-you-are" dog to pummel me at the door.

You know how be-au-ti-ful Ellie is with all her be-au-ti-ful, flow-y hair and soft bunny rabbit type fur?
Well. She. Sheds. Constantly. Thankfully we have hard wood all through-out our house, so sweeping is easy... or is it? We have to sweep about 5-6 times per day. No Joke. With Ellie not here, we only have to sweep once a day!
I've been needing to have my wisdom teeth pulled for a long time now and have been using Ellie as an excuse :)
It goes something like this:
"Mom, I'll just wait until Ellie goes into heat and back to SEGDI and then I'll get them pulled".
"Dad, if I get them pulled now, then I'll have to deal with Ellie and she'll want more attention then I can give her........Yes, I would ask a puppy raiser to watch her, but it just seems more logical to wait don'tcha think?". *Hopeful eyes*

My parents agreed.

And now Ellie is gone. So I must keep my word.

Thursday is the day... the surgeon said it will be easy extractions, quick recovery, and little pain afterwords.

On the super happy side, Ellie should come home sometime next week! Then that Saturday her sponsors are coming down to watch a soccer game and come over for lunch. Oh happy week!



Cannot wait!!!

Until Ellie comes home because....

Came via UPS today!! THANK YOU LEVINES FAMILY FOR THE  WHOPPING 10 POUND PACKAGE! :) It's like waiting for Christmas!! :)



Our Eve-R-Beaver

Please visit EVE'S BLOG to see how her graduation went this Saturday.

Surprisingly, not too many tears were shed. But boy were there lots of laughs, tons of pictures and many memories made.

We cannot wait to hear how Eve continues to work with her person.

A little note about Ellie, at Eve's puppy raiser day, many staff heard that I was Ellie's raiser and they all said "Oh she's so sweet" and "oh she's so soft". So from all that I heard, Ellie is going to be a tad spoiled when she comes home...


Class Roster

I originally wanted to post October's class roster along with the post about Eve being matched, but the roster wasn't put on SEGDI's blog yet.... and I was too excited to wait any longer!

So here is the class roster :)

Here are the dogs that were matched in the current class:
Alma BLF - raised by, Lynn and Pam Denson, Dallas, Tx.

Elsie BLF - raised by, Diane Anderson, St. Petersburg, Fl.

Spike BLM - raised by, Mike and Dianne Kraxberger, Charlotte, N.C.

Pioneer BLF - raised by, Sharon and Abi Vollers, Pearland, Tx.

Eve BLF - raised by, Diona and Megan Boyle, Sun City, Fl. <---- WOOHOO!!!

Radar BLM - raised by, Morgan Mowbray, Crystal River, Fl.

Riley BL&TF- raised by, Brenda Means, Bradenton, Fl.

Toney BLM - raised by, Rita Princivalli, Sun City, Fl.

Feathers BLF -raised by, Gary and Linda Neubauer, Houston, Tx.

Thank you to all of our Puppy Raisers for your hard work and dedication.


This little girl who...

 Fit in my arms...

And wore this pink sweater...

 Carried her leash...

 Made me feel better.

Hung out with daddy...

Cuddled and cuddled...

 Could ride in a buggy...


Carried her bowls around...

Wore goofy things...

Loved stingrays...

Grew up...
And became this beauty...

Our sweet Eve has been matched with her forever person! We will be meeting both Eve and her lucky person this coming Saturday... I'm making a scrapbook, and trying to find a few of Eve's favorite toys (that Ellie has apparently hidden from me) to stick in Eve's gift bag. I also have Eve's favorite blankets, her first collar and that pink sweater (which, when she was called back to SEGDI, could not fit over her head!).
We are so excited about seeing our baby girl. It's so hard to believe about a year and a half ago I was getting ready to pick up Eve from SEGDI.... time flies. 

As for my Ell-Bell, someone told me they saw her today. My "spies" puppy was going to "college" today and they went to see their future puppy in the puppy kennel. They are getting a "Princess" puppy, so if any of you know a Princess who had a had a litter of two pups, I'll see her baby boy :)



Ellie's surprise...

Saturday morning was soccer. Collin's team won again. This time it was 4-0. The opposing team did better at defense so it was a little harder for Collin's team to make a goal.

Saturday afternoon, was a guide dog meeting. It was going to be so much fun! Our group had a SEGDI table at Brandon's annual Dogfest. Last year there was over 100 dogs that came and our group raised over $100.

Meagan got me in the car to leave and noticed I had gone into heat. Going to a Dogfest (which Meagan later learned there were about 150 un-cut males dogs in attendance... boy would that have been interesting!) was out of the question!! I was pretty bummed... that would have been a cool event to blog about!

Sunday the Boyles worked in the garage and yard... I got to help Meagan mow the play yard.
Meagan called our Area Coordinator to make arrangements for me to stay at SEGDI for the next couple weeks.

Monday morning the Boyles took Todd to work (we're still down to one car) and then I went to SEGDI. I was so excited to be at my school!

I love all the smells at my school!
Checking my ears

Weighing me (all 70.4 pounds!!)
Meagan says I'll have a good time. I think so too... I was a little upset when my family left me with the kennel assistant and walked away! I barked. But then the kennel assistant let me meet my kennel mates and took me outside to run and play! Meagan said as they were driving away, they saw me sniffing around the yard.

Well, I'll see you in three weeks!!
Ellie May <3