First, let me share some exciting news!!!

CLARKE 8M6 is matched!!!

Clarke, Clarkey, Clarker-Barker, Little Girl.....is such a sweet heart. She loves carrots, napping, and her most favorite is working.
The Boyles are so excited she gets a second chance at being a guide dog. She lives for pleasing her person.
Here are some pictures of her as a puppy we got from her first raisers, and some from us...

The Boyles will be attending puppy raiser day on the 21st of this month.

Now some not so happy news...

In-between the pads of my toes, my paw is all red and itchy and I can't stop licking. So Meagan asked our AC what she should do, and the AC said to keep Vaseline on it. Meagan has been putting it on at night so I'll sleep and not lick it or walk around.
It's slowly getting better, but Meagan wants to keep Vaseline on it all the time. So she got some cohesive bandage (in purple!) from our doctor friend and has my foot all wrapped up. It's no fun. I do not like my paw wrapped up.

^But teddy bears make it all better^

Meagan hopes to update my blog a little bit.....add some stuff, spiff it up a bit. We'll see!!

Ellie May

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