Little bit of this 'n a little of that

Meagan's camera stopped working with Eve, her last dog she raised so Meagan has to take pictures with her cell phone. They don't turn out as well and she forgets what pictures she's taken! So here is a little of this 'n and little of that!

I went to the vet for my last set of shots! One of them hurt and I yelped,
but the vet gave me lots of pats to comfort me.
Meagan weighed me at the vet and I'm 34.6 pounds. I'm going to be a big girl!
This is me, Meagan and my vet!
I met Elvis at the Sun City Center Fun Fest....nothin like an Elvis who doesn't mind dog hair and paw prints on his outfit!!
When we go shopping, this is my ride.....I love it! (See my new toy by my nose?!?)
I fell asleep at basketball again while Meagan and her mom were working in the concession stand. Bones make good pillows. This is me this afternoon....I was sitting nicely on my tie-down.
Love, Ellie


Meagan was showing me Southeastern Guide Dogs website one day. I liked watching the slideshow on the home page. Check out my school!

Note to self: Meagan only lets me up on her lap "once in a blue moon". I never, ever, jump up in her lap like this without permission. Four on the Floor is the rule!

I'm kinda big for this ya think?

Nap Time

I am a very happy-go-lucky girl! I now weigh about 35 pounds. My puppy raisers have nicknamed me "Ellie Bellie" or "Els", Eller", "Ell Bell" and "No". Well, I'm not so sure of that last one...but I hear it so much that I might as well be my name!

This is Me and Chewy the love-bird.....doesn't look like much of a love-bird does she?

I like to chew my feet....especially when people are watching. They think it's really cute.

And my tail....it's my favorite. My ears are so big, I like to grab them sometimes too!

When my toys go under that couch, I can squeeze under and grab them. Sometimes, I stay under there for a while. Meagan is sure I'm going to get stuck one day.

This is my buddy Collin. He is Meagan's brother.
We like to go outside and run around in the yard. I like Collin.



My First Bath....

Well, it's not my first bath, but this is the first one that Meagan gave me. Meagan said I did very well. I now know why Sadie tries to hide when Meagan says "Let's get a bath!"


Upwards Basketball Game!

Today I went to my first basketball game! When we first walked in, I got very nervous so Meagan carried me until I calmed down. Meagan says 31 pounds is a lot to carry around....thanks a lot Meagan.

It was very noisy, but once I saw all the little kids, I got so excited! I LOVE little kids! I sit very nicely when people pet me...it's a rule I have to follow. Lots of people asked Meagan all sorts of questions about me, how much I weighed, how old I was, what kind of dog I am, what I'm in training for, you know, the typical questions.

I watched the first game that Kaitlyn (Meagan's sister) cheered for. Basketballs are noisy. Then I fell asleep. Being a cute puppy is hard work ya know!

After Kaitlyn was done cheering, it was time for Collin's game to begin! I was so tired, Meagan carried me to the other side of the court to watch Collin play. I fell asleep again.

I had a very fun day. Now I am going to take a nice long nap because I'm going to help work in the Boyle's garden later. I can't wait!

Ellie 12PD10


The Adventures Begin!

Hi! My name is Ellie 12PD10 (the 12 PD10 is my id number)
I am a 13 1/2 week old, female, Golden Retriever. I weigh 31 pounds. Everyone says I'm going to be a big girl!
I began my adventure as a puppy-in-training today! The Boyles, (my puppy raisers) came to Southeastern Guide Dogs to pick me up. After the Boyles filled out some paper work, we got into the car. (Meagan, my primary puppy raiser, had to carry me because it was pouring rain outside!)
The car was a little scary, I wanted to be in Meagan's lap but she would pet me and said "good girl" and I felt better.
Then we went to the mall for lunch. I walked through the mall all by myself! And I didn't have an accident! Yay me! My working coat kept falling off of me because it's too big. Meagan has to tack it up a little.

After lunch, we went home. I fell asleep in the car. That was a good rest.

When we got home, Meagan let me busy and we went inside. I met Sadie my new big "sisser"! I don't think she likes me yet. Maybe because she's older and doesn't like to play very much. Meagan said Sadie will need time to warm up to a puppy in the house again.

After that, I played with my new toys in the playroom. So far it's been a great day!

Meagan said tomorrow Collin has a basketball game and Kaitlyn cheer-leads for Collin's team. I am excited about going to my first basketball game! I'll have Meagan take lots of pictures!

Ellie 12PD10