Friday, Meagan told me that "I need to go get my coat and leash on, we're going shopping!"... the coat and leash part, I got excited about, the shopping part, not so much :)

But this shopping ended up being so much fun!

I had the important job of picking out a toy for Clarke.

I took my job very seriously.

After much consideration, I chose a stuffed frog with stretchy legs. Yes, this was the one.

The next day (Saturday), the Boyle's got up very early. Way too early for my liking.

They took their showers, ate a quick breakfast, fed and played with us dogs for a little bit. Then I got locked up (double locks now :) and off they went.... they got to go to my school.....no fair.
The rest Meagan will have to share...

  - To be courteous to the blind person who Clarke was matched with, I have not included a face photo of the student (even though I have a wonderful picture of all of us together, thanks to one of the guide dog trainers!). But I will be sure to ask the student, if I can post a picture for everyone to see how amazing Clarke and her forever person look together! -

We arrived at SEGDI at 8:30, the bio reading, rules about meeting your "baby" again, etc, started around 9:00.

We then all went outside to watch the blind students and our "babies" do a small walk/training route. It sure is amazing to see how the pups change....that 5 month old puppy that used to jerk you every which way when you went on a walk, tried eating everything it could, had a few accidents in the house (and not to mention the store), teethed on EVERYTHING, cried so much in it's kennel after you went to bed, it made you think that you would NEVER sleep through the night again, made you think this dog is NEVER going to learn how to jump in the car without me having to heave his back-end up..... the list could go on :)
It's so awesome to see how much they "grow up". They look so mature and majestic in their harness.... almost like an "I own this harness, I. Am. Important." look. Oh, gives me goosebumps thinking about how regal Clarke looked in her harness!

After everyone watched the walking, we all went inside and one by one, were introduced to the blind student and their dog (which let me remind you, we haven't seen for 6 months-1 year) The dogs tend to have OTHER idea's.....like tackling you before you could even ask the student "May I pet your dog".
Clarke was beside herself with joy. This picture doesn't do her justice...I wish I had gotten a video of how nuts she went!! She knew she had to behave, but she was wiggling and squirming so much...

This is Clarke's first raiser...it is absolutely amazing how well they remember you...

Clarke loves her "daddies"...

 It just so happens, I love this "little girl" too  :)


Well, I had some video's I wanted to share with you, but my computer never loaded them... bummer.

Well, we are off to start our day!


Meagan and Ellie May

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