Seeing her help him

This past weekend, my family had the pleasure of finally meeting Ellie and her person! We have been in contact, but have not had the time to set a visit date.

Paul, his wife Priscilla, and Ellie live just a short drive from us. On the ride to see them, we were talking about when Ellie was a puppy. All the funny antics she had and how she matured over time with us.
Ellie's first car ride as a puppy. Ellie has her head resting on my knee.

Ellie's first trip to the library! Sitting in her tiny working coat with children's books behind her.
We pulled up, reminded everyone to "ask Paul if you can pet HIS dog" when we see them. Well, let just say I got about halfway through the asking protocol and Ellie went nuts!

Ellie dashing around the house.
Ellie loving on dad
Ellie laying on the floor as I give her a huge hug

Ellie playing tug with her "Little miss helpful" toy
Ellie giving dad more love :)
My family listening to Paul share his story and Ellie laying in the middle of us smiling at the camera.
Ellie holding her stuffed bone laying on her back... in my lap!
Ellie came up to mom and rested her head against mom's leg. Elie stood like this for quite a while while mom scratched Ellie's sides.

Ellie just loved all the attention! Ellie laying on her back between Kaitlyn and I.
Ellie and her buddy Collin

Ellie giving me some kisses :)
Ellie was jumping out of her skin she was so excited! We brought her a special gift. Ellie's LLBean tote bag that her sponsors sent us. In the bag was a nylabone, rope toy, stuffed bone, her pink blanket from when she was a puppy, and a toy called a "little miss helpful".

After Ellie calmed down and we had talked with Paul and his wife Priscilla for a while, Paul put Ellie's work coat on and showed us all they do together. After every command Paul would instruct Ellie to do, Ellie would do her job then turn and look at us with a huge smile and her tail wagging.

Ellie doing her "Block" command... standing in front of Paul.
Ellie in her down. She still lays with her back legs and front legs sticking out to the side!

Ellie giving Paul a big hug.
Paul, Priscilla and Ellie. Such a great family!

Ellie leaning on Paul... with a huge smile of course!

A few days after we saw Ellie, Priscilla emailed me a picture of Ellie with her toy. Apparently, anytime they tell Ellie to "go get your toy", she goes and gets her "little miss helpful".
Ellie sleeping? on her side with her "little miss helpful" toy between her two front paws.
Paul, we are so happy you and Ellie were matched. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!
Ellie, keep up the good work. Do your job, stay focused. Love your people.. although, that's not very hard for you to do! :) See you at the Walk-A-Thon!