Day the Mall...

Our puppy group went to the Brandon Mall today, for one of our bi-monthly meetings. It was a wonderful exposure to all the pups. (we have several little babies!!) I think we all had a really good time!
Don't ask me why, but Ellie is not camera friendly. No matter what you do, getting her to look a the camera (or the general direction) is near impossible. And today was no exception. Sorry!

^Waiting outside for more pups to arrive^

^First thing, we got to ride the carousel!!^
That was pretty special!
We are sat next to Leisa and Barkley.

^Ellie tends to walk a little too far ahead...great place to work on it!^

^Ellie is so good^

^Coming off the "Sardine Can" (elevator) full of puppies!^

^Rest time...but not only for Ell!^

^Isolde and Ellie showing Kathryn and I they'd love a play-date!^
(Ellie's spring loaded! :)

We had a really fun time at the mall. New sites to see, a cacophony of smells, and plenty of sounds!

After the mall, I went to a massage appointment and Ellie got to hang out with Dad and Collin. They said she slept the whole time! Sweet girl :)

Meagan and Ellie

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  1. WOw, what a neat outting. Looks like Ellie had a good time!


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