9 Months Ago Today...

This little girl was born...

Nine things about Ellie...

1. Ellie has come a long way in her short 5 months of training. In the beginning, she was very shy and nervous around anything new. Buggies at the grocery store, busy streets, crowds of people, car horns, my hair dryer, you name it.
Thanks to Trainers, AC's and much patience (on both mine and Ellie's part) Ellie is doing wonderful. She takes everything in stride and acts as if she's seen everything already and nothing is new... except those new puppies in our group... those babies will never grow old :)

2. Ellie's new found love is thunder/lightning storms. She is not fazed one bit by the loud booms and bright cracks of light in the sky. She WANTS to be out on the porch watching the storm. Silly girl.

3. If I received a dollar every time someone pets Ellie and says "Oh, she's SO soft", I'd be able to pay for a brand new car... in cash.

4. Saying Ellie loves TV is an understatement. Today we were watching "National Velvet" (Elizabeth Taylor stars with Mickey Rooney when they were really young). The movie is about a little girl (Taylor) who, in a round about way, ends up riding in a horse race. For almost the entire race, Ellie watched the horses run the track. It's so entertaining watching Ellie watch TV!

5. Ellie lives for her blue coat. She has learned that "Let's go get your coat on!" means "super, happy, fun stuff happens!" Thankfully, she is now jumping into the car by herself!

6. This might be weird or gross to some people, but out of the four dogs I have raised (all girls mind you) Ellie has the cutest way of squatting to pee. She squats so low and holds her head up so high. She makes me laugh every time she "busies".

7. Ellie likes to cut in front of people if she thinks "their in the way". If there is a slower paced, older couple in front of us, Ellie will look up to me as if to say "Pleeeeeease mom, there going soooooooo sloooooow". Most of the time, we will politely go around them. But remember, "patience is a virtue", young Ellie May.

8. Ellie loves to lick/chew her toes. Sadie tends to look at Ellie with a "your so gross" look. But Ellie happily continues to chew her feet..... Ellie doesn't care one bit about germs...Sadie tends to be the "germaphobe".

9. Ellie now knows almost every command that I, as a puppy raiser, have to teach her. Ellie's favorite command is switch. I think it's because she starts sitting on my left and gazing at my face, I say "switch", and she walks behind me to sit on my right.....and her favorite part, she can still see my face!

Happy nine months Ell Bell. Love you :)



  1. Aww I didn't realize she and POmpei where so close in age!

  2. Loved it!! :)


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