Tired Pups and Torn up Ducks

I am happy to say Ellie May "Clampett" (as the volunteers at SEGDI like to call her) is back home safe, sound and completely worn out!

Friday I went to work with my dad so we could pick Ellie up that afternoon. She was very happy to see me!
(I am still trying to figure out how to post videos {if anyone can help, that would be awesome!!} because my computer won't load them through Blogger...)

Click on ---THIS--- to see a video of her first sight of us!

Click on ---THIS--- to see her come out of the kennel... with full speed!

We were SO happy to see out sweet Ell Bell again! She was excited to see her toys! 

As you can see, we all missed Ellie VERY much... it was way too quiet without her here. But our joy of her being home, was almost nothing compared to how many people at soccer were happy to see Ellie was back at soccer!
Ellie loved all the attention everyone was giving her! But eventually she was done and ready to go home :)
On a different note, right as the ref blew the "game over" whistle, the soccer ball was kicked right up into Collin's glasses wearing face. He was a little stunned but still smiling (he had just made an awesomely played goal). When he reached up to fix his crooked glasses, the arm broke off rendering the glasses non-fixable. So come this week, he will be getting a new pair :)

Well, Ellie and I are headed to bed. We had a looong day and are planning on going shopping tomorrow!
     a very happy Meagan and Ellie May


  1. So sweet! She was so happy to see you guys!

    To post the videos on your blog just go to the youtube video and on the left below the video it says "" just click that and it will give you html code that you copy and past into your blog post and when you publish the blog the videos will be there! :-D

  2. OK thanks! I saw that and copied and pasted it, which worked, but I wasn't sure if once I clicked "publish post" it would post the video or that loooong html code!


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