Class Roster

I originally wanted to post October's class roster along with the post about Eve being matched, but the roster wasn't put on SEGDI's blog yet.... and I was too excited to wait any longer!

So here is the class roster :)

Here are the dogs that were matched in the current class:
Alma BLF - raised by, Lynn and Pam Denson, Dallas, Tx.

Elsie BLF - raised by, Diane Anderson, St. Petersburg, Fl.

Spike BLM - raised by, Mike and Dianne Kraxberger, Charlotte, N.C.

Pioneer BLF - raised by, Sharon and Abi Vollers, Pearland, Tx.

Eve BLF - raised by, Diona and Megan Boyle, Sun City, Fl. <---- WOOHOO!!!

Radar BLM - raised by, Morgan Mowbray, Crystal River, Fl.

Riley BL&TF- raised by, Brenda Means, Bradenton, Fl.

Toney BLM - raised by, Rita Princivalli, Sun City, Fl.

Feathers BLF -raised by, Gary and Linda Neubauer, Houston, Tx.

Thank you to all of our Puppy Raisers for your hard work and dedication.


  1. Congratulations! I heard one of Toby's brothers got placed too - looks like he did! (Spike).
    If you're down there - feel free to stop by and see Toby for me... and grab a picture or two!

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. That is a class full of black dogs! I am so exited for you!!! Eve is in class with Rocky’s brother Spike! He is just as sweet as Rocky and the two of them were best buds. If you get a chance to talk to Spike’s puppy raisers Mike and Dianne, tell them hi! They are really sweet and were actually suppose to be my co-raisers for Rocky, but Spike needed a home. I do believe that Riley was Sherman’s half sister. Have fun Saturday, I will be thinking about you guys! you are not going to know what to do next month, since you don’t have any more puppies IFT right now that can graduate!


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