I did it!

I went through what I consider "a right-of-passage" today.... getting my wisdom teeth pulled!

Everything went fine, I was in and out of the Dentist in 30 minutes. At Collin's and Kaitlyn's request I asked the surgeon if I could have my teeth. His reply was "You grew 'em, so I don't see why not". So they are in a little container. I opted NOT to post a picture... but only because I don't really feel like sitting up.
It's nice actually, I'm constantly waited on hand and foot! :)

So since Ellie's been gone, Evan (Ellie's favorite baby buddy) has really missed her. Since he and I are in the same boat, we've been thoroughly entertaining each other :)

Evan thought this was so funny... and so did everyone else!!

We try really hard to keep the dog toys away from Evan. But sometimes he'll find one sticking out from under the couch. This is a "sneak peek" of what was in the huge box Ellie's sponsors sent us...   

Evan approves.

Oooh, I miss this little girl. Although coming home today, feeling the way I was (groggy, loopy, dizzy and whatnot) I didn't need Ell-Bell trying to climb all over me :)

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  1. I'm glad everything went okay with getting your wisdom teeth out! Mine will be out too in the next few months :(


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