A busy day... by Ellie.

Hi people!

Today was a good day! Meagan's dad, Todd, took off from work today so he could vote. Since he was going to be home, Meagan made an appointment at her massage therapist. The therapists love me. Meagan has to keep a close eye on me or they might just steal me!

So this morning, we got up an out (I like getting up early, unlike Meagan). I had my normal nap during Meagan's massage, then we went to the bank, the library and McDonalds... the Boyles call that place McChoke. Not sure why though.... it smells good to me!

After all of that, we went to a small church building. Meagan grabbed her drivers license and something she called a "voters card" out of her purse. She was really excited for some reason. I sensed she was happy, so I was very happy too!

We went in, got in a line and Meagan had to sign her name in a book. Then she got something called a "Ballot" and then we went to a tiny little three-sided stand. I sniffed it all over... I smelled lots of other peoples smells. I did a perfect under down and waited until Meagan was done filling in circles on the ballot.
Then we walked up to a funny machine that made a strange sound when Meagan put her "ballot" papers in. The sound reminded me of the Boyle's paper shredder. I love that thing!

 So, Meagan and I both had a first today! We got to vote! Meagan is saving the "I VOTED" sticker for her scrapbook.

Evan and I have been having a blast hanging out together! Evan gets so excited to see me in the mornings. I like Evan too, but not when he pulls hair. That hurts. A lot. But Meagan says I am a good girl and I have to learn to put up with stuff like that. Once Evan starts walking, I just might become his padded landing.

Evan has learned how to feed Ellie... Ellie is not one to pass up a chubby baby hand full of cheerios!

 Well, I'm headed to bed!

        Ellie May

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  1. There's a first time for everything, and those 2 things are a great first thing!
    Love the pictures, Ellie, you are growing up really fast!

    Rudy's Raiser


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