Ellie's surprise...

Saturday morning was soccer. Collin's team won again. This time it was 4-0. The opposing team did better at defense so it was a little harder for Collin's team to make a goal.

Saturday afternoon, was a guide dog meeting. It was going to be so much fun! Our group had a SEGDI table at Brandon's annual Dogfest. Last year there was over 100 dogs that came and our group raised over $100.

Meagan got me in the car to leave and noticed I had gone into heat. Going to a Dogfest (which Meagan later learned there were about 150 un-cut males dogs in attendance... boy would that have been interesting!) was out of the question!! I was pretty bummed... that would have been a cool event to blog about!

Sunday the Boyles worked in the garage and yard... I got to help Meagan mow the play yard.
Meagan called our Area Coordinator to make arrangements for me to stay at SEGDI for the next couple weeks.

Monday morning the Boyles took Todd to work (we're still down to one car) and then I went to SEGDI. I was so excited to be at my school!

I love all the smells at my school!
Checking my ears

Weighing me (all 70.4 pounds!!)
Meagan says I'll have a good time. I think so too... I was a little upset when my family left me with the kennel assistant and walked away! I barked. But then the kennel assistant let me meet my kennel mates and took me outside to run and play! Meagan said as they were driving away, they saw me sniffing around the yard.

Well, I'll see you in three weeks!!
Ellie May <3

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