It's pretty boring without Ellie around.

There isn't a puppy needing to go outside to busy.

No puppy to climb into your lap when you sit on the floor.

No dog to yell "STOP" to when she is INCESSANTLY LICKING YOU!

No "super-excited-to-see-your-home-from-gym-no-matter-how-stinky-you-are" dog to pummel me at the door.

You know how be-au-ti-ful Ellie is with all her be-au-ti-ful, flow-y hair and soft bunny rabbit type fur?
Well. She. Sheds. Constantly. Thankfully we have hard wood all through-out our house, so sweeping is easy... or is it? We have to sweep about 5-6 times per day. No Joke. With Ellie not here, we only have to sweep once a day!
I've been needing to have my wisdom teeth pulled for a long time now and have been using Ellie as an excuse :)
It goes something like this:
"Mom, I'll just wait until Ellie goes into heat and back to SEGDI and then I'll get them pulled".
"Dad, if I get them pulled now, then I'll have to deal with Ellie and she'll want more attention then I can give her........Yes, I would ask a puppy raiser to watch her, but it just seems more logical to wait don'tcha think?". *Hopeful eyes*

My parents agreed.

And now Ellie is gone. So I must keep my word.

Thursday is the day... the surgeon said it will be easy extractions, quick recovery, and little pain afterwords.

On the super happy side, Ellie should come home sometime next week! Then that Saturday her sponsors are coming down to watch a soccer game and come over for lunch. Oh happy week!


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