My weekend...

Thursday evening, my friend Cody Lingertot came to stay with us for a few days. He's an old man, but he loves to chew on toys... like me! So we have something in common, other then us being Goldens of course!
Meagan didn't get any good pictures of us together... Cody sleeps all the time, and I wanted to play! Cody was a good boy the whole time he was with me. He missed his mom, but had fun with Collin and Kaitlyn!

I got to go to my first Soccer game on Saturday! It was a lot of fun. I stayed with Meagan's mom and sister, Kaitlyn, because Meagan ref's the 5and 6 year old games.
(Meagan says ignore the geek in the yellow shirt :)

Collin's team is called "Storm". Collin is number 12. Collin made the first goal of the season! He was very excited!
Collin is the player on the far left

Collin takes the kick!
*Run, Ref Rumsey, RUN.... keep up with those little kids!!*

Collin's team won 8-2. Everyone played really well. I'm looking forward to more games and cooler weather!

Meagan had to drop some paper work off at SEGDI on our way to her massage appointment. Meagan couldn't pass up an opportunity to get some pictures in front of SEGDI's stone!

Well, I'm all caught up :)
 Love, Ellie May

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  1. WOW, soccer - what a neat adventure! And you look so pretty in front of the SEGD stone!


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