Super fun week coming up!!

This weekend, I am going to the Boose's house for a sleepover! Our group is having a puppy meeting on Saturday, but Meagan can't take me, so I get to go with someone else. I love Mr. and Mrs. Boose. They have lots of toys that all their puppies used, so that makes playing with them even better!

This coming Wednesday, Meagan is going out of town all by herself. I sure am going to miss her!
But the super fun part is I get to stay with the Lingertots while Meagan is gone.
They are an elderly couple who LOVE Golden Retrievers. They have two very large Goldens of their own. Tenshi, likes to mommy me and bring me toys when I am on my tie down, and Cody is a lot of fun to goof around with....we steal each others toys a lot.
I can't wait to go to their house! I promised Cody I would bring my most favorite bone to share.

Well it's my nap time....see you later!


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