How I got my name...

Today was a very special day. I got to meet my sponsors! I got to meet the people who named me! I really like my name. Meagan says it's perfect for a sweet, affectionate, loving, adorable, sassy, lady...and that's me!
We met my sponsors at a park for a picnic lunch. My sponsors are super nice! They brought their dog, Freeport, with them...Freeport is a rescued Golden Retriever. I love Freeport.
After lunch, we went on a walk! I wanted to walk right beside Freeport!

I gave Freeport a gift. It was a rubber heart and rope. We played tug-of-war for a few minutes....

My sponsors also got me and Sadie toys and yummy treats!

I had such a fun day! I was so tired on the way home and took a very long nap in Meagan's room. I hope I can see my sponsors again someday. They are very nice and my puppy raisers loved talking with them. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. LeVines for a super fun day at the park, and my beautiful name!!!
"Ellie May"


  1. Ellie! That's great you got to meet your sponsors, I've only met one of mine....but a whole church of kids sponsored me. All around NEADS I'm well known because of how I got my name.

    But you know what a real coincidence is? At the puppy house where I stayed from when I was 8 weeks to 4 months, they called me Ellie May! Just like you signed your name! Weird, huh?

    Love, Ellie.

    P.S. Ellie sure is a beautiful name!

  2. Ellie is a great name, we think it fits you perfectly!


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