Today's the day!

Ellie turned 6 months today! Boy does the time fly. It seems like just yesterday I was sending in Ellie's 4 month evaluation!

In honor of her 6 months, I'll share 6 things about Ellie:

1. Ellie is loosing her puppy fur! It's funny to see what pattern (or if any) her hair it taking on. She loks like a cow gave her a bath with all the cow licks she has! Her light butter-cream colored hair is turning a pretty auburn color....she matches our floor!

2. Ellie is probably the most sensitive puppy I've raised. She is sensitive about the tone in my voice, the way I walk, the way I praise her, and the way I play with her. It's actually really neat because I am learning how to correct and praise her in a unique way that only she can understand! If something startles her, or she starts getting a little nervous in big crowds, she'll look up at me and expect a happy, excited tone which I give her and she calms right down! With my other dogs, they didn't seem to care about my tone of voice....It's so cool how every dog is different!

3. Ellie responds so well to kids! Kids even as young as 5 years old, can tell her to sit, stay, throw a toy and all her attention is on the kid! Talk about impressive! :)

4. Ellie's favorite kind of toy is one that fits into every nook and cranny of her huge monster mouth. For comfort I give all of my new puppies a big stuffed animal (to represent the mound of squishy, warm, goodness of litter mates sleeping on top each other) to sleep with. But Ellie, much prefers to carry it around.

5. Ellie's favorite position to sleep in is what my family calls "turtle dog"...

6. Ellie's most favorite "cookies" are 'Pumpkin and Banana Fruitables dog treats'. These delicious treats were given to us by Ellie's sponsors!

When a puppy turns 6 months old, puppy raisers can then put on the most amazing collar....the choker collar! Choker collars teach the dog not to pull too hard and if they do, the correction is a quick "pop and release" of the collar. Some people think it hurts the dog. It can, but when used properly there is no harm to the dogs neck. Look how grown up Ellie May looks in the choker collar!

Happy half birthday my sweet Ellie!!!



  1. 6 Months already! Time sure flies by....

    She does look very grown up!

  2. Happy 6 month birthday day Ellie!!! She is gorgeous! She does look like a turtle! Hopefully I will be making a trip down there in the next few months, so maybe I can meet the little cutie!


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