I'm home!!!

Wow, I had such a fun week!! Let me tell you all about it...

Meagan dropped me off at my puppy sitters house on Tuesday afternoon. I played and played with Tenshi and Cody.....
Me, Cody and Tenshi

Then we crashed....
We dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, but every now and then, we would sneak in to see if Mrs. Lingertot dropped any food while she was cooking....once she saw us sneaking in, she'd yell "Get out of the kitchen!" and we run out and sit just like this....it was a fun game :)

My week was full of new adventures, exposures, outings and smells! I saw garbage men up-close, was blessed by the sitters preacher, checked out a storm drain, went to all kinds of stores, went to choir with Mrs. Lingertot, listened to a thunderstorm (Tenshi doesn't like those loud things so I was able to show her not to be afraid!), played and romped with Tenshi, chewed on Cody, swapped toys with Cody everyday, and had an awesome time!!!

Meagan had a good time in Kansas. She flew up for her friends graduation. She said she missed me and her family.
Meagan picked me up 3 hours after her flight got in....I guess she really did miss me!

This coming Sunday I turn 6 months!!! Meagan will have a very special post then :)


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  1. What a great adventure!
    Sounds like you had a good time with Cody and Tenshi....and you're getting really big, in the pictures you almost look the same size as they are!


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