My new discovery....

There it was, so fat, and round,
Sitting still, without a sound.

It did not move. No, not an inch.
It did not even poke or pinch.

I did not like the looks of it, though the smell was not too bad.
I thought it was a fun new toy, and gave a bark so glad.

They said "No Noise, sweet Ellie May, that's not a toy for you to play".
"at the market they were sellin', that toy you think, is a watermelon!"

A note from Meagan:
The poem is true. Ellie did shy away and bark at the watermelon that mom and Collin brought home from the grocery store. What's funny is, she saw us bring it in and Collin carrying it around telling everyone to feel how heavy it was. But for some reason once she saw it on the floor, she just had to bark at it!
We then proceeded to roll it around and have her get used to it. She must have thought it was some sort of over-sized kong toy, because she'd paw at it, bump it with her nose, lick it. You know, dog stuff.
As you can see from the picture, Ellie is just fine with it now. Exposure to watermelons...check.
Ellie May is such a funny girl! She continues to amaze me everyday at what little things she notices. Some things are ants, flies, gnats, those annoying love bugs, water dripping, my necklace or long earrings (ouch!), zippers, a stain on the floor , cracks in the concrete, toddlers with blinky shoes, any movement on TV, a string blowing in the wind...forget the balloon tied to the other end, the string in more interesting.
I love my sweet Ellie May :o)

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