Happy Birthday Ellie! (by Meagan)

Ellie 12PD10 turns 5 months today!

Five things about my sweet Ellie:

1. She has the funniest way of running. Since she's is in the "tween" stage, her legs can't seem to keep up with her head! So as you can imagine, legs, tail and head are flailing everywhere as she tries to keep up with Sadie.

2. She is the biggest cuddle bug! I have raised four SEGDI dogs and none of them have been as cuddly as Ellie! If your on the floor, she's on your lap....or trying to be :)

3. She is perfect at sitting. Ever since I picked her up from SEGDI, she has always sat wonderfully! In order for people to pet her, she has to sit nicely. She does just that, then slowly sinks to the ground for belly rubs :)

4. Ellie has such a soft coat! If I asked for a dollar every time someone said "Oh she's so soft" I could buy a brand new car :) Ellie feels like cotton, especially around her ears.

5. She is amazing with kids. If there is a kid around, she will watch it until she can't see it anymore. I think she prefers my kid sister over me :) Ellie is so gentle with toddlers. I am always awed by a little tiny kid petting and hanging on a huge dog. I know after having kids hang on me, I tell them to go find something else to hang on :) Dogs just seems to love it.

Well, we are off for some shopping and a home school meeting. Hopefully Ellie and I are going to be able to speak about guide dog puppies! This should be fun!

Meagan and Ellie


  1. Happy five months, Ellie! You do look like you have a VERY soft coat....

  2. Happy 5 month day Ellie! She is getting so big and is gorgeous! I might have to come puppy nap her she sounds like a lover!


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