A Very Happy Unbirthday

A few years back (before their puppy raising days) Meagan's family
used to be a part of a homeschool group in Riverview, FL.
The homeschool group (South Hillsborough County Homeschool) was celebrating a birthday party for all the kids. But instead of bringing gift for each other they brought gifts for Southeastern Guide Dogs! So their gift table was covered in garbage bags, milk bones, bleach, cleaning products, dog toys, shampoo, blankets, brushes, dog food, etc.

Meagan and I made bookmarks as presents for the kids...

When we first walked in, we were greeted by the lady who set the party up. Her name was Mrs. Laura. She was very nice. She asked Meagan if she would like to speak and answer the kids questions and Meagan said "Absolutely!"

So Mrs. Laura got all the kids seated around a chair. Once they were settled, Meagan and I were introduced as the special guest and I found the chair. Meagan started talking about me and how she became a puppy raiser. She talked for a good 10 minutes and then she asked if the kids had any questions. Boy there was a lot the kids wanted to know!! I was very good and quiet the whole time. Once during the talking, I was ALMOST asleep and Meagan said "Ellie, do you wanna eat?" I wasn't expecting that and popped right up and got really excited!
All the kids started laughing.During the kids question time, a few kids at a time got to come and pet me.
They all loved me and I loved them!

After the talking and petting was over, the kids played three games. The last one was very noisy...they were barking like dogs....they sure are wanna be's :)
After game time, they sang happy unbirthday to me!

Then the kids (and adults) had cake and ice cream!! I got to have the tiniest little bit of vanilla ice cream too....the kids thought it was funny when I ate it...I don't know why though.

Before my release...

It didn't take me long to hork that one down :)

They had some pretty cool decorations too! It was neat to see all the
trouble they went through for such a cool event.

I found out that the homeschool group is going to hug puppies and deliver
their birthday gifts on Monday. The kids are very excited about going!
I told them to see how Eve, "my big sisser", is doing.



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