A doggy day...

Yesterday Meagan and I met our Area Coordinator for a small dog fest that was in Sun City Center.

The residences brought their dogs out to be part of a Dog Show. Most of them were dressed up in Tutu's, hats, dresses and one was even dressed as an airplane! I'm glad I'm too big for those costumes!

I love to watch people walk by and of course love it even more when they stop to pet me!

This was our table at the "Dog Fest". You can see me on the left, Jenny is in the middle and if you look hard, you can see Sassy a chocolate lab. She wanted to stay in the shade. Smart dog.

I had a fun day and after the fest we had to go to Walmart. I'm glad Meagan put me in the buggy. I don't think I could have made is through the store I was so tired!

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Kelly for a fun day!

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  1. Hey Ellie! Guess what? My name is Ellie too and I'm also a pup in training!
    But we are different in the fact you're going to be someone's eyes, and I hope to be someone's hands.
    So glad I ran across your blog, I only know one other Ellie in the blog world and she isn't a pup in training anymore.
    Ellie, NEADS pup


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