Dad's cell phone

Wow. Talk about a flash back in time! I never play with dad's cell phone, but this evening I noticed it laying on the piano and I thought I would take a peak at what photos he had stored on his memory card.

This would be Eve aka "Eve-ous", "Eve-r-beaver", "Evie", when we were at the Florida Aquarium.

This is Eve at the beach... yes we are playing with a *shhhhhh* BALL *shhhhh*.

And here the lastest baby....

She's a sweetheart =-)

*cough* yeah, um, don't ask about the leash. Lets just say, I keep all my new pups away from my nice leather leash until they are out of the chewing stage.

Typical puppy... who cares for pictures?!?!

Back when "come" meant something to little Ellie dear

Ohhh I miss kissing that furry little head... and paws, after she had a bath that is.

I thought for sure I had a video of my sweet Ellie chasing Sadie around the tennis court. I was very disappointed to realize I did not. Yes, park rangers, when you are not around (like you ever are) I let my dogs run free in the "fenced" area. They are still "on leash" so you can't complain about the "dogs must be leashed" rule :)

     Oy, so missing Ellie,


  1. I love to find picture I took "way back when" - and those are all great!


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