Wednesday, Ellie's sponsors sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They smell amazing and look perfect as a center piece in the dining room! The picture doesn't do the flowers justice!


I took these pictures this morning. Ellie has matured into such a sweet little girl. Her temperament is so gentle and easy going. I think it really shows on her sweet face.
The drive to SEGDI on an IFT day is very hard... you purposely drive slow and try to get caught by every red light. That annoying lump in your throat gets bigger, and everything seems to go by so quickly.

I was so thankful, SEGDI was busy. People were coming and going, the January class was in session, so Ellie was watching the other dogs and getting excited about her surroundings. Distractions are a plus when your baby is going to college.

*Tip, no make-up on IFT days... trust me*
Ellie was so excited to go "exploring". She was tugging and pulling to go see more. No looking back for my little girl! 

After we said our tearful goodbyes, we always go and see the puppies. 
As well as seeing puppies, we also saw two familiar little female pups that are in heat right now. Little Flora and Popi were acting happy and go-lucky as they always are!

Meg's puppies!!! Aren't they adorable? Meg came out to say hi for a few minutes... she's such a sweetie!

 Puppy hugging was a lot of fun. Evan really enjoyed seeing the "Dah" :)

The house is so quiet. My room feels empty. But we are happy to see the huge decrease in dog hair floating around our house!
No more busy breaks before going into a store, no more waking up to a puppy rearranging her bedding, no more "forward straight" commands while crossing the street, no more saying "coat on".
Oh, we will miss this little girl. Very much.



  1. Good luck Ellie!
    I think I've missed a couple posts... because I didn't realize she was headed IFT!
    Are you planning on getting another puppy?

    Rudy's Raiser


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