Four years worth

Molly 1B6
Golden Retriever
Therapy Dog in Orlando, FL
August 2007 - March 2008

Clarke 8M6
Guide Dog in Florida
April 2008 - September 2008

Eve 2X8
Black Labrador
Guide Dog in Florida
October 2008 - January 2009

Ellie 12PD10
Golden Retriever
In "College"

March 2010 - January 2011


We always gets a family photo with the dogs we raise, right before they go in for training. With Ellie, we completely forgot! I was pretty mad at myself, thinking "What "if" this is the last dog I raise, I will always regret not getting a picture!" ("IF" is in quotation marks... meaning probably won't be my last, but you never know) Well, after coming to my senses, I realized the last visit with Ellie's sponsors, they took pictures while we were enjoying strawberry shortcake on their beautiful porch! So I quickly emailed and asked for a copy of the pictures! My only regret is, Sadie our personal pet is not in the picture. But that's ok. She's camera shy.

The longest break I've had (break: time between pups) was only 2 months long. That time was between Eve and Ellie. Our family plan was to take a LONG 6 month or so break before getting another puppy. Thanks to someone as SEGDI *cough* MELINDA*cough*, that break didn't last very long. 
Melinda knows we as puppy raisers lovers, addicts, cannot possibly say no to a sweet, little, bundle of wiggly joy! But I'm serious this time about a break. Hear that Melinda? :o)

Missing Ellie like crazy,


  1. Joe votes for a short break! The longest break I have had was 3 months between Rocky and Joe. I HATED it!!! And I had another puppy for a month! No one ever warned me that puppy raising was a very additive habit!

    Ely says to tell his friend Sadie hi from him!

  2. Short breaks are always easier!
    I've gone 3 months without a pup before... and it is hard!
    Sadly, I don't know if I will be able to raise again, after my current dog returns. (money is a little tight...)

    We do hope to see a little one on this blog, real soon!

    Rudy's Raiser

  3. Rebecca: I vote for a short break as well, but I have several things that need some major attending to before I get a puppy. I think with the next one, my siblings will have more input with raising it. It's always been my duty, but they have become very good raisers as well.

    Rudy's raiser: I hope you can raise again! Your really great at it, and you do such an amazing job with your blog!

  4. Your siblings would be great co-raisers! I know Rocky and Ely loved them!!! Ely says that they get his approval! :)


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