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Hmmm.... I think it's about time we updated this blog huh? Here goes...

It is official. Ellie is going IFT (In For Training) on the 20th on January. I have a certain couple who would love to sneak Ellie out of country for me.... you know who you are *cough* Bob, *cough* Sue. :)

The week of New Years, everyone was sick. Poor Ellie and Sadie didn't get very many walks but they did romp and run in the yard. My dad was able to take a few long weekends off of work. Whenever he is home, our schedule is always thrown out the window.

Ellie's sponsors live near a school that hosts an outdoor "Market" once a month during the cooler weather. So they invited us, this past weekend, to walk through the market and come back to their house for some lunch and hanging out. Ellie and their dog Freeport play really well together. Even Nutmeg, the LeVines' cat gets in on the chasing game. We had a really good time chatting and visiting with such a sweet family. After Ellie goes IFT they have promised to keep me updated on how she's doing :) (Hmm... maybe we should have pinkie promised!! :-)

^Ellie wasn't a fan of the musicians flute^
^Ellie wasn't afraid of the hulahoops... maybe her blind person will be an expert hulahooper?^
^Hanging out with Freeport^
^Had to get some kid lovin' in of course!^  

^Came home after the market to eat lunch and sneak some butter off the counter eat some ice with Freeport^

The fact that Ellie is going IFT is really hard to imagine. I won't know what to do with myself! Let alone, Evan will be very bored without his "buddy" Ellie (or Ehhh-EEEE as Evan says). We will all go through Ellie withdraws :(
I have taught her every command she needs to know by her IFT date so after she leaves me, it will be all up to her whether she goes onto formal training or pursues another career. She will always be a star is my eyes. No matter what she makes. A few weeks ago,we were entering Joanne Fabrics, a little boy screamed at the top of his lungs, "Look it's a super dog!!!" Why yes little guy, that she is.

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  1. wow, IFT always comes too soon doesn't it? Ellie will be great! love that kid yelled that, that is so funny.


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