The Great American Teach-In

Meagan and I went to an Elementary school nearby for a "Great American Teach-In" presentation. The "Teach-In" as we call it for short, is when several professionals come in to talk to the kids about their jobs. While we were waiting to be shown our classroom, we met a couple men who are in the Air Force (they even brought their pilot helmets!), men from the army, a doctor, two nurses, several firemen and a helicopter pilot.

We went with the Booses and their pup Popi (pronounced: Poe-pee) and Mr. Mihulka and his pup Joey (otherwise known as Big Joe and my "boyfriend").

We spoke to five classes, about 30 minutes each. Mrs. Boose did the first class, then Mr. Mihulka and Meagan took turns finishing the classes after.


Popi was worn out!

Every class started the same. Whoever was going to speak would stand in the front of the class. The speaker would kindly say that they would answer questions at the END of the talk and the questions could ONLY be about the guide dogs, guide dog school or the puppy raisers. If we didn't say that, then we would only here about the kids pets... and that can take ALL day. 
Some of the kids asked really good questions! Some questions stumped us and we had to think a minute!
After question and answers, the kids got to come pet us! Meagan wanted me to keep my coat on for the younger classes... those are the ages that don't really understand the "no petting" rule. So keeping my coat on helped to enforce that rule. Meagan told me if I kept behaving, she would take my coat off for the last class.

Joey and his glowing eye
Meagan used to teach this little girl in Gymnastics. I really liked her and she loved me!
 The Boyles and I got to go visit a good friend. His name is Mr. Kelly. He used to be our puppy groups Area Coordinator, We haven't seen him, his wife and his beautiful dogs in a couple months. 

The Kelly's have raised several guide dogs. Jennifer (Jenny) is a yellow lab. She is a certified Therapy Dog.
They also have Meg, a black lab who is a breeder. She is currently 4 weeks pregnant with several puppies (we aren't 100% sure how many yet.) Meg is a little touchy right now, but she was very excited to see us!

Mr. Kelly LOVES dogs. He was able to get right down on the floor and cuddle with us dogs!!! 

Our group has decided, for this year's Walk-A-Thon, to raise money together and name a puppy in honor of Dave Kelly. My suggestions are "Sir David Kelly", "Davey", or just plain "Dave" would be a cute name too.

Oh, a side note, my birthday is coming up!!! I will be one year old on the 23rd! Meagan says we will have a little party and ice cream cake to celebrate!

Love,  Ellie May 
(with "typing help" from Meagan -for those of you who asked... you know who you are!! ;-)

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