-A Very Special Day-

In preparation for our special day, Meagan made some homemade dog treats, using a dog treat recipe from a puppy raiser friend of hers... THANKS REBECCA!! 

This yummy (according to Kaitlyn, Meagan's sister) dough.... turned into these yummy shapes!

And made me and Sadie, very happy!

Remember this box?

Meagan and her family was so excited to see what was inside! Meagan wanted to wait until I got home from SEGDI, but she was told by my sponsors (the people who gave me my beautiful name) that Meagan needed to open it up because there are yummy treats inside that need to be eaten!
Boy, were there treats!!! But I am getting ahead of myself...back to the special day...

This morning Meagan and her family got up to get ready for soccer, but there seemed to be a little more excitement in the air then normal!! Meagan told me my sponsors were coming to Collin's soccer game!!

They were very excited to see me! Mrs. LeVines loved on me the entire soccer game! I was so happy. My sponsor are very special. Mr. LeVines even let me carry his socks around. He brought them in case his feet got cold, but honestly, I don't care if a sock is clean or not!

After Collin's soccer game, the LeVines came to our house for lunch! Since it was cold outside, Meagan and her mom made some yummy smelling soup (White Chicken Chili). Everyone loved it. I fell asleep at Meagan's feet while everyone ate. I was worn out!

Meagan still hadn't given me my surprise from the LeVines yet, so while they were here, she let me dig into my new tote bag!

 Mrs. LeVines went to Maine for a week and while she was there, she bought Meagan and I these awesome tote bags from L.L. Bean! Inside my bag was a Frisbee, a new portable water bowl, dog treats, and my most favorite a spiky pumpkin chew toy!! (I'm chewing on it in the picture up above)
In Meagan's bag was yummy treats for the Boyles from Maine, like chocolate covered blueberries, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, fudge, chocolate and white chocolate covered pretzels. There was also pink slippers that have a cute dog embroidered on it and say "Dog Tired", a pink shirt that has a paw on it and says "Paws for Peace" (pictured below), a calender, a car magnet, a tumbler cup with a Golden Retriever on it, and a really neat card that Meagan wants to frame. We loved every bit of it! What an awesome treat!!!

Then the time came when I had to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. They make everyone sad. But I was very happy when the LeVines said that we will see them again soon! Now that the cooler weather is here, we can meet at parks and not get bit by mosquitoes or get over heated. THANK YOU LEVINES!!

            Ellie May

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