Ellie: 9/11

Hi! I was being puppy-sat this weekend, so I didn't get to post on 9/11.

Meagan told me 9/11 was a terrible day. Many people died, many peoples hearts were broken by not seeing their "special someone" come home from work that dreadful day. Many people we scared, frightened, lost. Adrenaline rushes, pounding hearts, tears flowing, fire blasting, screams and shouts, metal falling... it happened, and America will never forget.

Here is my contribution to my amazing role models, working dogs...

Click HERE to see an amazing video about the search and rescue dogs who searched day and night at Ground Zero for any survivors. Oh yeah, get some tissues handy... (Meagan bawled cried. Thanks for sharing Erin and Puppy-In-Training, Pompei!)

Also, click HERE to see a really informative article about the same dogs/people.

 From both of us: Remember to thank those people who risk their lives for yours.
                  Meagan and Ellie

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