Upwards Basketball Game!

Today I went to my first basketball game! When we first walked in, I got very nervous so Meagan carried me until I calmed down. Meagan says 31 pounds is a lot to carry around....thanks a lot Meagan.

It was very noisy, but once I saw all the little kids, I got so excited! I LOVE little kids! I sit very nicely when people pet me...it's a rule I have to follow. Lots of people asked Meagan all sorts of questions about me, how much I weighed, how old I was, what kind of dog I am, what I'm in training for, you know, the typical questions.

I watched the first game that Kaitlyn (Meagan's sister) cheered for. Basketballs are noisy. Then I fell asleep. Being a cute puppy is hard work ya know!

After Kaitlyn was done cheering, it was time for Collin's game to begin! I was so tired, Meagan carried me to the other side of the court to watch Collin play. I fell asleep again.

I had a very fun day. Now I am going to take a nice long nap because I'm going to help work in the Boyle's garden later. I can't wait!

Ellie 12PD10

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  1. Meagan she is adorable and is huge! I might have to come puppy nap her! Was she donated?


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