The Adventures Begin!

Hi! My name is Ellie 12PD10 (the 12 PD10 is my id number)
I am a 13 1/2 week old, female, Golden Retriever. I weigh 31 pounds. Everyone says I'm going to be a big girl!
I began my adventure as a puppy-in-training today! The Boyles, (my puppy raisers) came to Southeastern Guide Dogs to pick me up. After the Boyles filled out some paper work, we got into the car. (Meagan, my primary puppy raiser, had to carry me because it was pouring rain outside!)
The car was a little scary, I wanted to be in Meagan's lap but she would pet me and said "good girl" and I felt better.
Then we went to the mall for lunch. I walked through the mall all by myself! And I didn't have an accident! Yay me! My working coat kept falling off of me because it's too big. Meagan has to tack it up a little.

After lunch, we went home. I fell asleep in the car. That was a good rest.

When we got home, Meagan let me busy and we went inside. I met Sadie my new big "sisser"! I don't think she likes me yet. Maybe because she's older and doesn't like to play very much. Meagan said Sadie will need time to warm up to a puppy in the house again.

After that, I played with my new toys in the playroom. So far it's been a great day!

Meagan said tomorrow Collin has a basketball game and Kaitlyn cheer-leads for Collin's team. I am excited about going to my first basketball game! I'll have Meagan take lots of pictures!

Ellie 12PD10

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  1. I just found out your raiser was raising again, you are a pretty pup. I look forward to following your pawesome adventures!


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