I am a very happy-go-lucky girl! I now weigh about 35 pounds. My puppy raisers have nicknamed me "Ellie Bellie" or "Els", Eller", "Ell Bell" and "No". Well, I'm not so sure of that last one...but I hear it so much that I might as well be my name!

This is Me and Chewy the love-bird.....doesn't look like much of a love-bird does she?

I like to chew my feet....especially when people are watching. They think it's really cute.

And my tail....it's my favorite. My ears are so big, I like to grab them sometimes too!

When my toys go under that couch, I can squeeze under and grab them. Sometimes, I stay under there for a while. Meagan is sure I'm going to get stuck one day.

This is my buddy Collin. He is Meagan's brother.
We like to go outside and run around in the yard. I like Collin.


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