Little bit of this 'n a little of that

Meagan's camera stopped working with Eve, her last dog she raised so Meagan has to take pictures with her cell phone. They don't turn out as well and she forgets what pictures she's taken! So here is a little of this 'n and little of that!

I went to the vet for my last set of shots! One of them hurt and I yelped,
but the vet gave me lots of pats to comfort me.
Meagan weighed me at the vet and I'm 34.6 pounds. I'm going to be a big girl!
This is me, Meagan and my vet!
I met Elvis at the Sun City Center Fun Fest....nothin like an Elvis who doesn't mind dog hair and paw prints on his outfit!!
When we go shopping, this is my ride.....I love it! (See my new toy by my nose?!?)
I fell asleep at basketball again while Meagan and her mom were working in the concession stand. Bones make good pillows. This is me this afternoon....I was sitting nicely on my tie-down.
Love, Ellie

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