First Aid and CPR class

At our last puppy meeting, the Area Coordinator taught everyone how to do CPR on a dog as well as first aid and healthy habits. Meagan has already taken the class with Eve, her black puppy, but this was my first time! It was fun!

We learned all about different blood types dogs have (did you know canines have 8 major blood types?!), we learned where 5 different pressure points on a dog are to stop serious bleeding, we learned how to clean ears and teeth properly, we learned how to do the Heimlich and CPR on dogs, we learned what things dogs CANNOT eat and what to do about it if they do, we also learned that when dogs over-heat you can give them Propel Water, Gatorade, Pedialyte and Vitamin water.

It was a very informative class.

I was very well behaved and listened quietly.

This was Meagan brushing my teeth with special poultry flavored toothpaste....about 3 seconds after this picture was taken, I accidentally sneezed and all that yummy chicken toothpaste went right into Meagan's mouth!!

Everyone was being very quiet, and serious, except puppy Kelton...he was rolling around :)

Miss Isolde (Is-Old-Ah) came to greet me under the table...

Then she got silly :)

That was a fun day. Today after Meagan comes home from gym, she and I have a puppy obedience class with all the dogs in our group. It's going to be fun!!

Ellie May


  1. Sounds like a very informative class!

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